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Structured in light of exactness and solace, the Fusion Power Cartridges 2 S are an ideal decision for your shaving needs. The c

What are the Key features about The Fusion Power Cartridges 2 S? 

5-cutting edges innovation 

The Fusion Power Cartridges 2 S has five cutting edges situated intently together. The motivation behind this situation is to give a closer shave just as diminish the weight per sharp edge by uniformly appropriating the weight over the five cutting edges. The aftereffect of this is an increasingly open to shaving involvement in no aggravation or wounds. When contrasted with different gadgets, the Fusion Power Cartridges 2 S gives a closer and progressively agreeable shave. Because of the 5-sharp edges innovation. 


A typical issue among different shavers is the pulling and pulling when shaving. This issue is wiped out in the Fusion Power Cartridges 2 S by the microfins comfort monitor. This is a novel component that prepares the hair for trimming before the sharp edges get to it. The component extends the skin so the sharp edges give a closer shave without bringing on any distress. 


The lubra-strip is one more one of a kind component you will discover on the Fusion Power Cartridges 2 S. The strip is imbued with mineral oils. The reason for this element is to give water solvent greases that guarantee the sharp edges coast easily on your skin. This significant element guarantees you never have to do with the agony of pulling and pulling while at the same time shaving much longer hair. 

Accuracy trimmer 

This is an extraordinary element you will acknowledge on the Fusion Power Cartridges 2 S. It is a solitary sharp edge on the rear of the cartridge. The cutting edge is extremely useful in shaving precarious parts, for example, sideburns and right in front of you. 

How to use The Fusion Power Cartridges 2 S?

The Fusion Power Cartridges 2 S are very simple to utilize. By adhering to the basic guidelines that accompany the cartridge, you can supplant the cartridge on any Fusion razor handle. The span after which you ought to supplant the cartridge fluctuates starting with one client then onto the next. It for the most part relies upon the recurrence of utilization. Supplant the cartridge when the cutting edges become dull. 

For the best execution, guarantee your Fusion razor handle is all around fueled. Low battery force can influence the general execution of the edges particularly if you depend substantial on the vibration highlight when shaving. Supplant the batteries at any rate once every 3 to a half year or when the vibration eases back or stops. 

For wellbeing purposes, keep the Fusion Power Cartridges 2 S far from kids and pets. You should likewise never contact the edges of the sharp edges with your fingers or move the razors evenly.

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